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8th National Conference & Exhibition (NCEEITET) is on 1-2 December,2022. The Flyer of the Conference has been released.

Induction Programme for the new entrants (Batch-2022) shall start from 14.11.2022 from 9.30 A.M. onwards.


   Selected candidates seeking admission in 1st Semester of 4 years B.E. Degree shall fill-up an       printed application form available in the College.

   Duly filled admission forms of all selected candidates shall be scrutinized by the Admission        Committee constituted by the College on or before the notified date of admission by the              BOPEE.

    Selected candidates who do not deposit the requisite fee within the specified time in each          list are liable to forfeit the right of admission and their seat will be referred to BOPEE for          further filling-up from other eligible candidates in the merit list of BOPEE.

    The candidates seeking admission must be accompanied by her/his father or mother or             guardian at the time of admission as he/she shall have to fill and sign the responsibility of          his/her ward.


         An outgoing student may obtain the following certificates from the College:
         1. Provisional Certificate
         2. Character Certificate
         3. College Leaving/Discharge Certificate (if the student leaves the College mid-way).
         4. Certificate of having appeared in the University Examination

         Note :
       a) Application for Certificate required should be submitted after completing all the                formalities 3 days in advance.
         b) Certificate shall be issued only after the student produces a No Demand Certificate                from all concerned Departments, Library, Security Officer etc. as mentioned in the                prescribed form.


         1) Every students on being admitted shall be issued an Identity Card. He/She will have to                keep the Identity Card in his/her possession at all time and shall produce on demand                by any member of the College staff anywhere in the College premises.
          2) The loss of Identity Card should be reported immediately.
      3) A new Identity Card shall not be ordinarily issued. However, after proper                verification/formalities, a duplicate identity card may be issued.
         4) Identity Card must be returned after the completion of B.E. Degree.


    No outsider is allowed to enter the College without a valid reason.

    Unlawful assembly of the students in the College is not allowed.

    Writing of graffiti on the walls or sticking of posters is a cognizable offence.

   Ragging in any form, On or Off the College Campus is a cognizable offence and the        students indulging in this practice will be severely punished, even to the extent of being        expelled from the College.

   Students resorting to unfair means in any examination are liable to be issued a bad        Character Certificate.

    Students shall park their vehicles strictly in the parking lot earmarked for students.

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